The Top Places You Don’t Want to Miss During Your Study Abroad in Italy Excursion

A study abroad in Italy experience could be one of the most rewarding parts of your entire college life. Not only is Italy one the most sought out study abroad destinations from students all over the world, but it is also full of culture, sights, foods, experiences, and some of the most entertaining personalities you’ll ever meet.

To give you a better idea of Italy’s charms, we’ve highlighted some of the best cities and regions below.

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Rome is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to places to visit. There are many great and wonderful places to visit in Rome, from the amazing sights of the Vatican to the Colosseum where ancient Romans battled. If you want to go somewhere peaceful try visiting the gardens of the Villa Borghese, a public park near the center of the city with plenty of green trees, a museum, and just a generally great place to hang out. The Pantheon is sure to please any history major, as it is the one of the best-preserved pieces of architecture in Rome.

There you can find plenty of beautiful pieces created by the masters themselves. While you’re in the area, you can make sure to stop by Raphael’s Rooms, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica, all of which are worth a look. With all these places to visit, Rome is one city you can’t miss while in Italy.

Trip to Venice

If Rome isn’t enough for you, then you can always take a trip to Venice. One of the first stops should be the gorgeous piazza San Marco, which contains three of the city’s top destinations: Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Dodge’s Palace, and Torre dell’Orologio. Since the city itself is built on water, you should definitely take a tour of Grand Canal or some of the other waterways in town.

Seeing the city while in a gondola is an experience that should not be missed. Don’t forget to take a break from your studies to try some gelato; this delicious treat may forever replace your ice-cream cravings.

Rectangle of Gold

If your major happens to be fashion design, then chances are you’ll end up in Milan at some point during your trip. One of the first stops would probably be the Quadrilatero d’Oro, the Rectangle of Gold. The stores lining this area will contain all the latest fashions and inspirations from the masters of design, though most products will probably be out of the price range of the average student. The Chiaravalle Abbey is another destination for intrepid students. This abbey is still run by monks today, and it contains plenty of information on their lifestyle, both past and present.

Finally, don’t forget to get away from class and have fun! You can find a copy of Zero2, Milan’s free guide to the city’s nightlife, in many bars and restaurants.

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For students more interested in studying in specific regions rather than specific cities, there are still plenty of options available. One region that is always in demand is Tuscany, which houses some really popular cities: Florence, Pisa, and San Gimignano. Studying in Tuscany will give you access to all the gourmet pleasures that come from this region.

You’ll also be able to relax in the evening with some fresh wine from the local vineyards. During the weekends you can visit some of the famous landmarks, such as the leaning tower of Pisa, or just relax and have fun at the beach.

Land of Shadows

For the outdoor types, Umbria is a region that can’t be missed. Just as its name implies, Umbria is a land of shadows. Rolling hills, high mountains, and beautiful orchards all cast their shadows throughout the land. Between classes you can stroll through lush green woods and hills or snap photos of brilliantly colored flowers. If this wasn’t enough, this region also has castles, fortresses, and rustic hill towns to visit.

You’ll never run out of places to visit if you go on a study abroad in Italy excursion.

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