Into the Wild Moon - Holidays in Ladakh [Suggested Plan 2020]

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Ladakh Tour

The moment you step here, you’re captivated by the majestic beauty of Ladakh.

Traveling to these beautiful Jammu and Kashmir mountains you feel blessed and understand the true beauty of nature and its surroundings.

Situated between two world’s highest mountain ranges Himalaya and Karakoram, It is one of the most beautiful hill stations, with those beautiful landscapes, green valleys, gorgeous lakes and those soothing snowy peaks. In here you breathe in the mild air and breathe out all your stress and tensions.

Moreover, while traveling in Ladakh you can experience one of the most adventurous trips of your life. Trekking on the great Himalayan and the karakoram mountain ranges makes it full of advent and excitement.

Trekking in Ladakh

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Some of the famous treks in Ladakh are Manali Ladakh, Indus valley trek, Manali-Leh, Markha valley trek, Pahalgam-Suru valley, the Great Salt Lake trek, Padam-darcha La, etc.

Not just that it is a wonderful place for the perfect and amazing sightseeing.

Buddhist Monasteries

Once you visit Leh Ladakh you would come across many other beautiful historical monuments making your trip more interesting and enlightening.

Worry about Tour guide ! How to reach , whom to contact ? Well, here i can share with you an perfect plan.

Best Tour Packages in Ladakh

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There are many Ladakh tour packages, which are available according to your need and choice.

The Ladakh Taxi Union offers some of the best tour packages in Ladakh (Pangong lake, Nubra valley and more) and explore the best rates are as per the official Ladakh taxi rate list.

You actually don’t need to bear the worries of finding hotels and wander places to fulfill all other requirements while traveling to this place. guides make it possible for you according to your comfort. Also there are several hotels according to your comfort and budget.

New Travel Destination — Nubra Valley

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Also known as the “Valley of Flowers”, Nubra Valley is a beautiful valley town in Ladakh. Boasted with beautiful snowcapped mountains and lush green ambiance, the valley is also home of some important Buddhist monasteries. It is located at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level.

Apart from natural beauty and heritage, the place is also known for trekking sports. Many popular trekking routes lined around this valley attract lots of adventure seekers every year.

Nubra Valley Trek: Nubra Valley Trek is considered popularly to be the flowers among the valleys. It is one of the most popular treks that you can do in India’s Ladakh region and offers high-end adventures packed with breathtaking sceneries. If you’re searching for a quiet and serene trekking plan, you shouldn’t skip this trekking route.

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Mild climate, scenic beauty and rich vegetation & flora take you on a pleasant journey. Some of the places of interest are Sabu Village — Digar La Pass, Digar Village — Agyam Village, Khalsar Village — Diskit, Diskit — Leh and many more.

Pangong Lake: As per the Tibetan language, Pangong Tso means ‘long, narrow, enchanted lake’. Located only 160 kilometers from Leh, it is an endothecia lake situated at a height of 4250 meters. This lake is approximately 134 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide.

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The lake and its surroundings are very beautiful and eyes treating and they serve as a perfect location for many Bollywood films. Another interesting fact about Pangong Tso is that though it has saline water, the lake freezes during winters.

Being a serene and clear lake, it has become a favourite place among the domestic and international tourists visiting that part of the world.

During winter season freezing temperature engulfs the entire surroundings.

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The Pangong Lake freezes and its surface becomes so solid that animals and travellers can walk over it. During this season tourists get an opportunity to see a number of rare and endangered species of migratory birds.

Approach to Pangong Lake, Located at a height of 4250 meters from the sea level, it spreads across the cold Indian desert of Ladakh, bordering the neighbouring country Peoples’ Republic of China.

Leh Ladakh Hotels

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Hotels of their service and excellence, help you enjoy and get the pleasures of staying in a surrounding which is free from faults. The hotel offers fine accommodation that are fully furnished and well equipped.

The hotels are usually near to the main market, airlines booking offices, post office and other requisite areas. Not only that hotels here have beautiful lawns with multicolored flowers apart from those basic facilities that are provided to you.

Things To remember — While on a mountaineering expedition to Ladakh, you must carry a map, compass, extra clothing for changing, fire starter, knife or multi purpose camp tool, first aid kit, headlamp and sunglasses with you.

Must check sightseeing map of Ladakh before you explore you can find the top tourist attractions and plan the best sightseeing itinerary and its quite popular among the adventure enthusiasts.

So if you are planning to spend your holiday’s tour or vacation in the adventurous hill station of Leh Ladakh, you actually don’t need to bear those mind bothering hassles for finding a perfect tour package or the hotel, as The Ladakh Taxi Union guides will do it for you.

You will just have to plan the vacation and get in touch with them and they will help you in making a dream come true in Leh Ladakh.

Hence, don’t delay and miss out to an adventurous and the most lively trip.

Simply connect & contact to and you can enjoy one of the most memorable trip of your lifetime. Indeed, this trip, which would be far away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, can be a great stress buster.

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