How Do You Become a Better Divemaster ? Pay Attention to Your Customers

Scuba Diving has always been about having a good time. Let’s say you are a Dive Master / Scuba Diving Instructor, working for a dive shop. You have a group of scuba divers scheduled for a two tank dive on a ship wreck.

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Scuba Diving has always had a good time. Let’s presume you’re a Scuba Diving Instructor / Dive Master working for a dive shop. You’ve got a group of scuba divers working on a shipwreck for a two-tank dive.

Your scuba divers are expecting to have fun, but at the same time, they want to feel secure and to be supervised by a professional. Keep in mind, you do not get a second chance to give a good first impression.

You must first be a Dive Master in order to become a diving instructor. Then you need to take the Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) with that out of the way. This extensive course will take you deeper than you were into diving.

The scuba divers are arriving one after another to form the group. Make sure to meet them personally and to present yourself as the Dive Master for today’s dive. Make eye contact when speaking to the diver, be 100% present, and always remember their name by using it every time you speak to them. (People always appreciate being called by their name.) Practice is always needed to remember names when you have a group. Here are two tips I like to use to help me remember people’s names:

  • Repeat the name in your head, three or four times.
    • Also, you can make a verbal association such as this example; Steven is wearing a Scubapro wetsuit. Steven VS Scubapro.
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By engaging in a conversation with your divers, you can identify which of them are confident divers and those whom you might want to keep a closer eye on. Remember, you are there to help them and make sure they appreciate this fact. These conversations can also be a good time to promote an upcoming course you will be offering.

Your job is incredibly important; as the instructor, you represent the entire dive shop. What does it mean? If people see you as professional, courteous and fun, they will see the dive shop as professional, courteous and fun.

Remember to pay attention to your customers, they are the best, free publicity you can invest in. Word of mouth is the strongest way to promote your business.

Are you an ocean lover with a passion to protect it but never knew how? Well now it’s time to wonder no more and make that dream a reality!

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