Hire a Magician in Zürich For a Corporate Events — top 3 Tips

Hiring a magician in Zürich, Switzerland for a corporate event or party can be a difficult task.

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There are so many to choose from. How do you find the best magician for your party or events? Zurich offers unique magic opportunities, but also has more than its share of problems.

Here are three hiring tips, that will help you make the right choice for your next corporate event.

Zürich has more than its fair share of magic clubs. You have everything from the Society of Magicians to the International Brotherhood of Magicians… and some exclusive ones in between.

Add the meetings and conventions, like Magic show, swiss Magic, aviel & the Pacific Coast Magicians Convention, and you have a glut of magicians.

So, which club should you go to, in order to find a professional Magician Zürich ?

My advice is to avoid all of those clubs. Face it, clubs are really for amateurs.

You need a professional — not someone who is nothing more than a legend in his own mind. (A couple of years ago, I went a meeting/event in zurich, Switzerland. There were over 100 magicians. And most of the men that spoke bored us to death. Imagine their acts.)

And if you ask the club member for a reference, be assured you’ll get his buddy… not necessarily the best for your corporate occasion.

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So, stay away from the clubs. Start with recommendations from other Zurich companies — find an entertainer like CHRISTOPHE AMBRE who has the ability both speaker & performer with 100s of events at Zürich or other Switzerland venues.

Also, look on the internet for professional Zurich magicians.


Don’t hire the first magician that you find. Let me rephrase that… after you find a performing magician, your research has just begun.

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For some reason, there are a lot of birthday magicians in Switzerland who “want” to move into the corporate world; unfortunately, a company party needs something different than the bunny produced at the end of the kids’ party.

You want to see the references. More than that, you want good references — people you can contact. (Other companies.)

What you don’t want are the references written by the magician’s best friends or relatives.

Also, the local church or retirement home is not what you need to see, at this point. Of course, charities loved the performance. It was for free.

Obtain references, real companies — find on google, directory lists, etc. — and then call or email the contacts.

Ask pointed questions. For example, “Was there anything that could have been improved? Or were there any hassles dealing with this magician?”

See samples from the Northwest; I’ll tell you why it’s important in a minute.

Make sure the samples show the audience's reaction. Does the magician have video clips posted anywhere online?

If not, could he or she send you a clip with a sample performance or promotion?

Look at the magic; determine the audience's interaction and response; judge entertainment value.

Is this what you want for your event?

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Make sure you are looking at video samples from your area — Zurich... It does you no good to sea a cruise ship performance, where everyone is in a festive, ship mood, in the Mediterranean.

Nor do you want a sample of street performance on the sidewalks of Zürich. Again, it’s not representative of your venue or audience.

In Zurich, Switzerland we have a corporate way of dressing, even at more formal events. We are also laid back — and we shy away from the more “in-your-face” personalities, typical of the North Coast magicians. We also lack various accents associated with different parts of the country.

This is another instance of choosing local over global.

A Magician Zürich will tailor the humor… have the inside track on the spectators and what they enjoy watching.

The “flavor” of the act will be a better fit. With someone from a different part of the country, the best you can hope for is a somewhat lame insertion of the Münsterbrücke Bridge or the Limmat River; it’s canned humor.

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