8 Tips before You Choose Washing Machines (Buying Guide 2020)

Make sure you have enough knowledge of your actual laundry needs before you even start looking for energy saving washing machines online.

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For those who will afford their subsequent washing machines please note carefully what you don’t like most about your existing one.

This tips will give you a pretty idea of a machine that suits you best.

Consider the following 8 hottest tips and guides before buying your next washing machine:

Choosing your next washing machine begins with thinking about your actual average laundry load. Large families usually have larger capacity requirements, whereas couples without children or single person’s only need lower capacity washing machines.

Note that washing machines with lesser load capacity are relatively less expensive and utilize lesser electricity and water.

Average spin speeds range from 800 to 1,600 rounds per minute (rpm). Make sure you Waschmaschine kaufen with adjustable spin speeds, especially if your clothes are made of varying fabric materials.

Wools and more delicate items require slower spin speeds. Faster spin speeds tend to remove more moisture from your laundry. That means less drying time.

Generally, front loading washing machines use lesser water than their top loading counterparts. It also means less detergent use. You also need to consider if your area has limited water supply.

Now you need to look for recognized energy efficiency rating. Normally, online product descriptions do not include this.

If a product has been given an “Energy Star” rating, it means that it consumes at least 50% less energy than the conventional washing machine.

Universal standards measure noise level in terms of decibels. But be careful with those officially published decibel levels, because they are just ideal numbers. Installation of front loaded washing machines is more complicated.

They need more leveled surfaces to minimize vibration. Remember the actual noise level is based on the washing machines being properly installed.

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Most washing machines featuring this have around 7–20 presets, although majority of users are contended with having only 7 presets. If you are satisfied with at least 7 presets, then settle for it.

Models with more presets are actually more expensive. You will just end up paying for additional features you will not be using eventually.

Typical washing machines with these qualities have presets for regular, permanent press, cottons, presoak, delayed start time, fuzzy logic, extended washing and hand wash.

The average washing time per regular load varies, though most consumers claim they normally spend between 30–90 minutes per regular load. Wash time is also based on how dirty the clothing are.

Spending more wash time means more energy consumption. Next time you buy one, look for a model with various waste time presets.

Some models allow you to automatically adjust water temperature levels. It is popularly called economy wash. Half load cycle preset is good for smaller loads.

This is normally present with washing machine models known for large capacity. Child proof lock prevents untoward accidents involving children and even pets.

Some front loading washer has anti-leak detection feature. When leaks are detected, the motor pump is automatically shut down. This is ideal for people who are multi-tasking.

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