5 Ways to Get Promoted Quickly in Hospitality

The American Hotel and Lodging Association completed a national survey in 2016. The objective was to reveal the percentage of general managers, senior execs, and CEOS who began their careers as food servers, front desk attendants, and dishwashers.

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The hospitality industry is the only industry where new hires are eligible for promotion within their first year of employment.

But, that is partly because most people do the work needed to advance. Another advantage to the hospitality industry is that the ceiling is very, very high. Most people work their whole careers and never run out of job opportunities.

Job security is another factor that makes the hospitality industry so attractive. Most salaried employees stay with their company for 5 years and more. This is especially true for the Hotel industry.

1. Sign up for the hotel’s in house management program. Most hotel chains have one. These programs are designed to fast track potential candidates into new hotels around the world. To grow, a hotel needs qualified management candidates who understand the hotel’s mission and management system.

Hotels need to offer the same experience in every hotel, worldwide. For this they need candidates who can duplicate the hotel’s experience.

2. Be Willing to Move. This doesn’t mean that you should only be willing to move geographically, but you should be willing to take on different jobs, in the various departments. Knowledge is a valuable commodity in the hospitality industry.

3. Certification is the key. This industry is one that rewards people who are continually upgrading their skill set, both hard skills and soft.

One of the most most valuable is the “Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA).” This certificate course is offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)

But don’t forget the hotel restaurant. Food Services Management and restaurant management are valuable assets and marketable commodities for a hotel management candidate.

4. The more you know about psyc and organizational behavior the higher you will go. Demonstrate high levels of social skills. This doesn’t mean that you are a good people person. It means that you can appease disgruntled customers, solve employee problems, lower employee turnover, and keep employee schedules running smoothly.

You also need to take a few HR courses. Understanding the hiring and firing laws in your area are vital. Your knowledge could save the hotel tens of thousands in lawsuits, especially for wrongful dismissal.

5. The last tip might be the most important. Make sure that you understand the job posting description and the job description when you apply. Then, when hired, toss them in the garbage. Anticipate your manager’s needs. Learn to take the initiative and take action when you are needed. Put the customers first. A good hotel general manager will stop their daily tasks to help a customer in distress.

The more you are able to manage the more money you are worth. Extra shifts = larger paychecks. But even completing new duties through the standard workday can make you more valuable.

Solving problems can also make you more valuable to your employer. The hospitality industry is one where you are always in demand, and you may never hear the words ‘you are too qualified’. Never settle for the position you have. Always be working towards your next job placement.

Most important — don’t quit. If you don’t succeed in your first try then move on, and try again.

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